I Believe in Dignity for All

What is Dignity?
Dignity: Your innate state of being worthy.

***You are worthy just as you are and just as you are not!***

I AM Manifesto

β€œI AM” is a Powerful Phrase, Use it Carefully, because What You Speak IS What You Create.

Be Mindful. Be Present. Do Good To Others. Send Your Mom Flowers. 

Be Both Human & Kind. Practice Humility. Give Your Good Freely. Speak Authentically.  

Be Careful Pointing Fingers. Be Careful Eating Hot Pizza. Enjoy. Love. Dance.

Remember You Are Small But Not Insignificant. Lose Your Apathy. Care More. Be Gracious. Give Thanks. Get Curious. Play Everyday.

Joy More. Fear Less. Stretch Your Imagination. See Differently. Ask New Questions. Turn Impossible into I'mPossible and Imperfect into I'mPerfect.

Give Yourself a Break. Recognize What is Simple is not Always Easy.

Do What You Can, but Know That You Are Not In Charge, There Are Forces Greater Than You In This World. Align With What You Love.

Dream BIG!!! Try Something New. Get Uncomfortable. Color Outside The Lines.
Be Bold. Become a Magnet For Love. Live From Your Heart.

You Are Love(d)