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Lindsey Nicole

Lindsey Nicole

Lindsey Nicole

"The pursuit of perfection lead me to personal devastation.

Only when I finally began to act upon the wisdom of my inner voice did I begin the journey towards my own healing."  

- Lindsey Nicole

You can always find Joy in the JOurneY, you just have to know how to look. Joy More, Fear Less is the message Lindsey Nicole shares through her personal account of evolution. Her voice is authentic, heartfelt and empowering.

Although Lindsey was never hit, she lived in an abusive relationship for over 10 years. Verbal, emotional, financial and spiritual, it was the kind of abuse that goes undetected by the outside world.

2012 was the hardest and in some ways the greatest year of Lindsey's life as she faced, divorce, bankruptcy, job loss, depression, and a son diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). It is the very same year Lindsey began to thrive, as she became the producer of the radio show "Design Your Life with Kevin Ross". Lindsey also started her own business, lost 40 lbs and even appeared in her favorite band's music video. (Dave Matthews Band - "Mercy" video at 33 seconds)

Lindsey and her son Jacob

Lindsey and her son Jacob

This time in Lindsey's life was filled with immense growth and spiritual transformation. Her life changed the moment she knew SHE WANTED TO KNOW JOY. Lindsey was determined to become healthy.

Slowly, Lindsey opened up her heart to the wisdom that she indeed was worthy, just as she is. 

Lindsey uncovered that her own beliefs were what lead her into hopelessness and depression. She faced the truth she felt herself worthy of abuse and that's why she endured it for so long. As she healed she uncovered inner wisdom and spiritual distinctions that she put into practice to transform her life.

Lindsey believes all the struggle and abuse she endured were really a gift that allowed her to become more compassionate and more loving.

Through all of this, Lindsey has developed unshakable faith. She knows the kind of peace one only can only find within, a faith that is untouchable by the outside world and any bigger than any circumstance.

Lindsey's life has been an adventure. She lived on a bus while she toured with multi-day charity events, helping to raise millions of dollars for various charities. She worked backstage at concerts during her college days. Lindsey has produced a radio show and started her own business.

She climbed a glacier in Alaska, ran a marathon in San Francisco and hiked to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite.

Her favorite place to be is watching the sunset over the ocean, at the edge of the world, in La Jolla, CA.  She loves to dance, especially in her kitchen.

You can find Lindsey carrying a He-Man lunchbox for a purse, playing with her son, and singin' along to country radio!